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Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday
11:00am - 4:30pm
11:00am - 3:00pm
3510 Woodward Ave
Alpena, MI 49707  
(989) 356-4794 

The HHS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for the homeless dogs and cats of Alpena County. We are a no-kill shelter working to heal and rehabilitate the pets that come through our doors. 
While we cooperate with local governments to provide services to the surrounding city, township and county, we rely on private donations to keep our doors open.

The Huron Humane Society offers the following 
services to our community
  • providing shelter for stray and lost pets
  • locating suitable homes for our adorable adoptables
  • Rehabilitating injured or otherwise ill dogs and cats
  • working with owners to re-home their animals
  • providing microchipping to the general community
  • supporting spay and neuter efforts
  • obtaining full veterinary services for all pets in our care
  • school and nursing home pet visitations

Our Mission
to provide no-kill solutions to reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs through education, rehabilitation and re-homing with the support and cooperation of our community.  
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Mailing Address 
P.O. Box 733
Alpena, MI 49707  

Congratulations Rubicon!

Rubicon is our Pet of the Month for April.  
He placed in the People's Pet's Photo Contest and is our featured furry-friend all month long.

Our Adorable Adoptables
can be seen on
10:00am - 4:00pm
at the Following places
Real Estate One
215 W. Chisholm St.
Pura Vida Salon
140 S. Ripley St. 
 Instant Cash Advance
133 E. Chisholm St.
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**Animal Control and the HHS**
The Huron Humane Society of Alpena has partnered with Alpena County to provide Animal Control services.         When we receive an animal control call, we ALWAYS use the animal control vehicle to investigate the call.                         We NEVER ask to come inside your home.                             If there is an animal that we need to see, we will ask that the owner bring the animal outside or to the door, for us to see.     If there is ever a need to enter a home, we will have a warrant and be accompanied by a sheriff.                       Please - never let anyone in your home who claims to be with Animal Control OR the Huron Humane Society - as this is not our policy for animal well-checks. If you are approached by someone at your home claiming to be an affiliate of either Animal Control or the HHS and they are not in the Animal Control Truck - contact the police.  Thank you for your support of the shelter and above all, be safe. 

Animal Control: (989)255-0710
Huron Humane Society: (989)356-4794

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2585 US 23 S., Alpena
The People's Pets Photo Contest 2014
Our foster dogs are currently wearing ID tags donated by Dog Tag Art. Visit Dog Tag Art today to create your own custom dog tag for your pet.

(Wolf Creek Rd/Dege Rd area/Herron MI)

Please Help – Chet was on trial from HHS for one day then escaped on 3/29/14. He is very unfamiliar with the area, and needs our help to find safety.   If you spot Chet, please bring him to safety - He's very friendly. Also Chet is unfamiliar with his name, as he was a stray when he came into the shelter.   If you spot Chet and he does not come to you please report the sighting asap.

You can report sightings on our Facebook Page HERE or Call (989)255-0710
Thank you