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New Building

ThHuron Humane Society, has been renovating our shelter for over four years

We have come very far with a core group of volunteers working tirelessly to renovate the former saw-mill that we have called our home of the Huron Humane Society for over 30 years!  

In addition to our own funds going towards specialized contractor services for plumbing and electrical, we have received many donated materials and have been using as many used and recycled building materials as possible to control costs and be responsible. 
Some contractors have also donated their time and expertise. (thanks guys for that)

Our project manager and volunteer extraordinaire (he didn't want his name out there, but it’s Tom in case you were wondering) well he would like to complete the work in the next 12 months. 
Please donate today and help us to build their dream! 

All funds received via this campaign will go towards paying for supplies and materials such as flooring, lumber, stainless steel kennels and cages, fencing and kennels for the outdoor areas, an air intake system, and other necessary items that will ensure a healthy shelter environment. 
Once complete, the animals of the Huron Humane Society will enjoy a safe, healthy and efficient living space; where they will stay during their time at our rescue sanctuary. 

We are a no-kill shelter, working tirelessly to make sure all of our animals are adopted to a furrever home in an efficient manner.  You can contribute via our PayPal Links on our Homepage
Thank you for your support!