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The HHS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for the homeless dogs and cats of Alpena County. Our facility is usually pretty full with 30+ dogs and 80+ cats on any given day. We are a no-kill animal welfare organization who works to heal and rehabilitate the pets that come through our doors. 

While we cooperate with local governments to provide services to the surrounding city, township and county, we rely on private donations to keep our doors open.

The Huron Humane Society offers a variety of services to local residents. Among them are:
  • providing shelter for stray and lost pets
  • locating suitable homes for the pets
  • Rehabilitating ill and injured dogs and cats
  • working with owners to re-home their animals
  • providing microchipping to the general community
  • supporting spay and neuter efforts
  • obtaining full veterinary services for all pets in our care
  • school and nursing home pet visitations

Our Mission is to provide no-kill solutions to reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs through education, rehabilitation and re-homing with the support and cooperation of our community. 
Board Members 2014

-Lori Stephan
Vice President
-Tom Pelkey
-Rhonda Robbins
-Beth Pelkey

-Deb Ward
-Suzanne Renard

Board Meetings
Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at Real Estate One in Alpena. Board Meetings are open to the Public.