What Should You Ask A Storage Facility Before Renting?

You are moving and need to store all or some of your belongings – perhaps you are moving or downsizing from a large house to a flat. You have completed the preliminary research and decided on a couple of storage facilities. Before moving, if you can visit these Storage Plus Units, then it is better to meet them and ask for an overall tour. If you can’t have an in-person visit, then you should have in-depth interviews through the phone.

Depending on how long and what you want to store, it is necessary to make a decision on the kind of storage. After that, you need to ask many related questions and have some observations before signing the rental contract.

With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Which type of security system does the facility have?
    If you are storing most of your items, you might need to ensure that the storage unit is equipped with a strong security system.
  • Is there any ground patrolled? If yes, how often?
    Perhaps this is less important than an advanced monitoring system. However, this can tell you that the storage unit is seriously concerned about ensuring the safety of your stuff.
  • Is the storage unit equipped with smoke alarms?
    This is quite standard in most storage units, but it is always better to confirm it before renting.
  • Is there any sprinkler system to prevent a fire?
    You will need to ensure that the storage unit is equipped with proper safety systems in place, especially a sprinkler system which can work to prevent fires.
  • Is there any limit to my access?
    This is an important question which often has a correlation with security. In most cases, you want a place with tight security, but allow you to access anytime. In addition, you will figure out how difficult or easy it is for other people to get into the unit.
  • What is the number of storage units and the vacancy rate in the facility?
    This question could reveal the popularity of the facility and if there is a waiting list at the time being.
  • Could I rent the storage unit on a monthly basis?
    If the firm can, it is necessary to make sure that you check how much notice they need to vacate their storage facility. Just like renting a flat, you should understand the flexibility of this agreement before signing the contract.
  • Could you show me some photos of your storage units, including the empty ones?
    In most cases, the company should show these photos on their site. This is necessary if you cannot visit personally to have an overall idea of the setup and size for better planning.
  • Have you experienced any break-ins? How and when did it happen?
    First, do your research through some review sites to find out whether there is any customer complaint. Also, it is necessary to ask the facility directly whether there have been any problems in the past.